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Kiev middle school №242 – 1998-2001

Evening school of Arts named after Stephano Turchak, class of violin 1998-2001

National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, faculty of architecture 2009-2014, Schpara’s studying studio.  Bachelors and Master degree.

Lviv’s Polytechnics, faculty of architecture and construction, part time student 2013-2014. Master degree.



Koposov Kostya is a Ukrainian-born architect with an Art education. He belongs to the first generation of young Ukrainian artists who started their career in an independend country with a freedom to express their feelings and thoughts.


At age 16, Kostya left the high school of Fine Arts to attend National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture at Kiev, where he was taught a sense of composition and feeling of color. Since that time his painting emphasized clear forms and structures, which correspond to his architecture.

At the same time he was achieving his second Master degree in architecture at National Lviv’s Polytechnics.


Koposov first major retrospective ‘Dominance of volume’ was held in the gallery «365» in Kiev in 2012 and that was his first and confident step to successful beginning of his art career .

Since that time, big parts of Koposov Kostya's exhibitions have taken place not only in Ukraine but they were included in worldwide group exhibitions.

Koposov participated in the international and domestic exhibitions, competitions and festivals (Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, St. Petersburg)

He was awarded in fields of conceptual painting, fine arts and photography.







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